Open the emergency exit of the plane confusing it with the bathroom and unleash a real chaos

A passenger from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) confused the emergency door with the one in the bathroom of the plane. This resulted in 40 passengers having to get off the aircraft until the problem generated by this incident was resolved.

Seven were the hours of delay of the flight that left from the United Kingdom to Pakistan, as a result of this event.

Airplane of the Pakistani airline PIA

All of us who have ever flown on an airplane that make international journeys, we are clear that the bathroom door is not only small (like the bathroom itself), but in general they have a hand with which it opens.

And all of us who have ever traveled by plane have seen the wide size of the doors, both regular and emergency. And those doors have intricate and complicated opening keys.

Tiny airplane cockpit

However, this passenger on flight PK 702 that departed from Manchester, United Kingdom, to Islamabad, Pakistan, confused the emergency exit with the bathroom door.

Luckily, the plane was still on the ground, when the slide took off automatically when the gate opened.

Emergency door of an airplane with its multiple safety handles

What has caught my attention the most and I suppose you should also be asking, is where the crew was when the woman opened the door after confusing her with the bathroom.

Emergency exits are always in the common spaces reserved for the crew of the aircraft . We still don’t know what happened and why the door was alone, but the question is that the remaining 40 passengers had to get off the plane, until the setback could be resolved.

It is also worth noting that the incident occurred when the seat belt lights were on, so the passenger evidently failed to comply with safety regulations, a fact that also had to have been noticed by the crew.

The most incredible thing is that many of the passengers, descended from the plane by the slide of the emergency exit, perhaps because they would have supposed that there was actually an emergency, and many others, probably, to get rid of the desire to jump down that giant slide.

Some Internet users uploaded photos to social networks and most expressed their annoyance first for the incident and then for the delay this caused them.

The PIA airline published a statement after the incident:

“We regret the delay caused by a passenger who opened the emergency door.
We strongly urge passengers to follow safety instructions , since such setbacks result in inconveniences for hundreds of other passengers. All affected passengers received a dinner. PIA regrets the inconvenience caused. ”

If I had lost seven hours of my life because of a delay caused by, in my opinion, a carelessness of the crew, they would not fix it with a dinner.And you do you think?Share it!

A group of 10-year-old children ride their bike to find a missing grandma

It is well known that children will always look for a way to have fun, their imagination allows them to create extraordinary situations from the simplest.

Some may find their pranks a bit exaggerated, but what cannot be denied is that they are little explorers who always see opportunities to embark on a world of adventure .

A bike adventure that gave the best result.

This time our protagonists are a group of small 10-year-old children who helped solve the case of an old woman who disappeared in the center of the neighborhood where they live.

Logam Hultman, is one of the protagonists, when he heard the news through an announcement that the police had issued he did not hesitate to get on his bike and be part of the great search together with his friends.

Logan, Makena, Hope and Kash became little detectives.

The small group of detectives rolled on their bicycles for several hours, after touring the area they located Glenneta Belford to the 97-year-old woman reported missing .

The children immediately called the Roseville Police Department who excitedly surprised everyone with the incredible news. Alyssa Hulman of Roseville, California comments on this:

We are really proud of them and their solidarity. ”

It was not long for the children to get to know each other, after their good and incredible action their face and their feat spread in the local news.

Daniel Claiborne is the father of two of the little detectives, Hope and Kash , comments that this story is by far an incredible real-life moment. He could not believe when the children came running and excited to tell him the great adventure.

Between the mystery and the adventure they found the fragile grandmother.

Rob Baquera is a Roseville police officer, on behalf of all his team said they are very grateful for the brave act that the children performed , without a doubt, a great gesture of heroism.

He also took the opportunity to reflect that age is not a factor to limit actions, an example of these are these children who had the initiative to take the case in their hands and help a member of the community.

We do not know what the future holds for these children, but we are sure that they have the ability to resolve these types of situations . Some of them may want to work as detectives in the police department.

Do not leave without sharing this great outcome and recognize the work of these children.

The networks mourn the loss of the longest-lived youtuber in the world who died at 107

There are people who strive to be a famous youtuber, put all their efforts, but are halfway, or do not achieve the receptivity they wanted so much.

However, Giorgio Michetti , a 107-year-old elder never thought he would become a successful influencer and today the world regrets his loss.

Michetti was born in 1912 in Viareggio, a beautiful Italian city located in the province of Lucca, in Tuscany. From the age of five he began painting , an activity he did not leave while he lived.

At seventeen he prepared his first painting exhibition, his work called “Those of Switzerland” allowed him to gain public recognition. He also exhibited in Milan, Rome, Naples, Pisa and Austria.

His art led him to travel the world, and over time he devoted himself to graphic design and illustration, as a means to make a living.

“I don’t want to wait on the couch, I always want to have a busy mind,” said the artist.

One of his many students told him about social networks, about what he knew very little or almost nothing. The pupil introduced him to the world of Facebook and YouTube .

“I do not understand a computer horn, but I try to live modern life, that is, without understanding anything,” said the experienced artist.

That was how, with the help of his student, he began his facet of youtuber talking about his own paintings, lessons in the history of plastic arts and painting techniques. He had 34,000 followers, not including 20,000 of hisFacebookaccount .

I received many comments from users who praised the way he explained while painting, the passion and way he had to teach.

“Not only is he a great painter, but he is a teacher capable of fascinating anyone with his classes,” his students wrote in the videos.

The oldest youtuber in the world won the admiration and affection of all his followers for his charisma, simplicity and humility.

But unfortunately, his light went out, the old artist died on June 17. His brush stopped, but he left his legacy and his example in his followers and in all who knew him. Fly high and rest in peace, noble teacher!

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They remember a conversation with their 9-year-old daughter before a tragedy took them away

Organ donation is very important and has managed to save the lives of thousands of people. Unfortunately, it is something that many parents do not want to talk to their children because they do not expect to have to go through the hard experience of saying goodbye to them.

Now, in the middle of a lot of pain, Jesi Bergeson remembers that she had this conversation with her daughter , without imagining that the little girl would suffer a terrible accident and would immediately become an organ donor.

“I think for some reason, God told me that I
should have that conversation with her.”

Shaylyn Bergeson  was playing in the garden of her house. I always enjoyed spending hours in nature and climbing trees. Unfortunately, that day he fell from a very tall tree and his head received a great impact against a reinforcement bar .

This caused a severe wound on the left side of her brain and her parents immediately transferred her to Emergencies desperately trying to save her little girl’s life.

Shaylyn was barely 9 years old when she suffered the accident.

They took her to the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center but her situation was so serious that they had to transfer her in a helicopter to the Primary Children’s Children’s Hospital . There he received an emergency craniotomy to relieve the enormous pressure in his head.

Shaylyn lived with her family in Idaho Falls in the United States.

Unfortunately, Shaylyn lost her life . This meant a very painful time for their parents. Years ago, the Bergesons had to say goodbye to their eldest daughter . Briauna suffered from a chromosomal disorder and spent the last three years of his life in a hospice.

“Shaylyn never hesitated to donate her organs.
It was an angel . She was a tender, happy and very humble girl. ”

In the midst of such a painful moment, his mother resumed his strength to help fulfill his daughter’s last wish . The transplant team was able to save their liver, kidneys, heart valves and corneas and now five people will be able to continue their lives thanks to the important decision this little one made.

Her parents are very proud of her and have decided to share her story to talk about the importance of organ donation.

“Our baby was able to save 4 lives and someone’s vision.”

We join the Bergeson family in these painful moments. In the middle of one of the toughest days of his life, they took strength to celebrate the great heroic act of little Shaylyn.

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What a sermon! A girl scolds her sick dad because she doesn’t eat and doesn’t take her remedy

Without a doubt, children are a reflection of the people they live with: mother, father, brothers, grandparents, teachers and so on.

Everyone helps their personality to form , and in these times it is common to see children who behave like an adult. This is the case of a little girl who gives a tremendous scolding to her dad for not eating.

In social networks a video circulates in which you see a girl of approximately five years who scolds her father, her first scolding is to tell her that she must eat because she is sick , and that if she does not eat she will put the food with a syringe.

“I’m going to put the food with the syringe, because there is a syringe, although he doesn’t like it, he’ll have to eat because that feeds him,” the little girl tells her dad.

It is to be imagined that the little girl has as a mother or as some female figure very close to her a woman who imposes herself and who sends whoever is put in front of her.

The little girl has stolen the hearts of social network users because she is seen totally in the role of mom, never stutters even though her interlocutor is her own father ; Besides, he accepts the scolding, says nothing and lets her express everything he has to say.

Innocence with character 

“What a smart girl, may God give her many blessings and continue to take care of her dad, she certainly has a big heart,” said one Internet user.

The little girl lists her dad for everything she doesn’t like to eat: salad, rice, chicken, noodles, tea, sugar, juice, apple, and so a long list of foods, and everything to tell her that , even if you don’t like it, you have to eat to be relieved .

And if this were not enough, the truth comes: because of the fault of the father, the aunt, the baby herself and her mother also got sick, and to top it off, the father is not even taking the medicines to be able to relieve himself .

The little girl declares that she is taking medicine to relieve herself, go to school, go out, and most importantly, go out to buy bread .

To close the girl tells him that she is getting sick because of her fault and says it in a complaint tone, and reminds her that if she does not eat she will put the food in the syringe .

No doubt the girl gave a speech that would encourage anyone to eat and take the necessary medicines to be well.

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His 4-year-old daughter ended up with a pink face for several days because of a mischief

When there is a child at home one of the first rules that parents should not forget is not to leave the child alone for a long time, only seconds are enough for the curiosity of the most innocent to end in a great mischief.

Victoria Kidner, from West Midlands, Sofia’s mother , a beautiful and ingenious 4-year-old princess , can attest to that, when after ten minutes of leaving her daughter alone, she surprised her with her face completely painted with pink lipstick sparkly.

Sofia, taking advantage of the fact that her mother had entered the kitchen to wash the dishes, did not hesitateto take over her mother’s makeup case and express her artistic qualities by replacing the brush with a lipstick and the canvas with the tender and adorable skin of her face .

The little girl smeared the bright lipstick all over her face in such a way that she left nothing unpainted and it was impossible to take it off for several days.

Victoria had left Sofia on the sofa watching children’s programs on her tablet, but after 10 minutes the little girl entered the kitchen to show her mother her “work of art.”

For everyone it will always be a mystery that Sofia has gone to the room to look in the closet for her lipstick and cover her face completely with bright pink paint in just 10 minutes.

“I was laughing as soon as she came in and asked her what had happened to her face and that was when she proudly pulled out my totally destroyed lipstick behind her back. His gaze was full of pride and he had a huge smile on his bright pink face. ”

Victoria ran up the stairs hoping to find a mess in the room with traces of lipstick everywhere, but it wasn’t, she had only painted her face without staining anything else.

Victoria spent the next 10 minutes cleaning her daughter’s face. He immediately looked for baby wet wipes and then quickly bathed her to remove the rest of the lipstick from the hairline before it was stained, but after all that the girl still had a pink glow for the next few days.

 “I didn’t hear her make any noise, so I thought she was just having fun quietly.”

While her mother was on her back the girl climbed up and took the lipstick out of her makeup bag that was in a closet in the room.

“After looking at his face I had to take a picture and give him credit for the incredibly perfect job he did, he left nothing without makeup.”

At first Victoria was upset because she had ruined her favorite lipstick, but then she couldn’t help laughing at the situation.Share this fun story with your friends.

Born with less than half the skull, his mother always thought he would survive

Life, that beautiful word that contains endless meanings and that today is the greatest miracle for a mother after her little baby was born without more than half of her skull.

Lucas Santa María is the name of the little angel who was diagnosed with exencephaly in the uterus , a malformation in which the brain is outside the skull and as the pregnancy progresses the nerve tissue degenerates.

More than a miracle a blessing for his mother.

The baby considered a beautiful miracle, underwent a delicate surgery just four days after birth to help save his life, Lucas is already seven months old, and without a doubt, has exceeded the expectations of doctors , this strange condition is fatal but little Lucas is still struggling to survive.

The little boy has become a symbol of hope.

His mother María Santa María cannot believe his luck , after the surgery the little angel revealed a surprising recovery leaving everything speechless. His mother says he is receiving special baby food and physiotherapy , Lucas now raises his head and moves his delicate legs to swing from side to side.

María Santa María is the mother of four children.

The malformation of the tender Lucas was revealed in the first ultrasound that was performed . The attending physician informed him that the baby’s skull had not closed and that his brain was growing out of place, without any mercy suggested that he lose it . The mother disconsolate and surprised with the diagnosis decided to continue with the pregnancy.

Lucas is setting his own survival record.

All this was something new for her, her other pregnancies passed normally and without any inconvenience. The mother had the full support of her husband Augusto and welcomed the baby at the Hackensack University Medical Center in Hackensack-New Jersey.

Lucas is by far a unique child in the world.

Although María Santa María had her new months of gestation without major problems and gave birth to her little miracle, she arranged to make funeral arrangements in case the little one did not succeed.

He also spoke with his child specialist to guide his other children aged 8, 7 and 3 in case the new family member decided to leave this world.

Studies reveal that there has never been a person who survives more than three hours with this malformation.

Dr. Tim Vogel is head of pediatric neurosurgery at the Jersey Brain and Spine Center, notes that he removed abnormal brain tissue to prevent damage to the functional area of his brain , and seizures or strokes.

As the skull bone grows, Dr. Vogel will affect a layer to fill in the sunken areas and ensure that the brain tissue is protected.

Lucas has made great strides, he has even tried to crawl.

Vogel also said he will continue working with the family in the future , he added that the more bone he develops, the more tissue he can use, which allows him to get better results.

Little Lucas has filled his family with blessings, he is undoubtedly a warrior full of hope.It is worth sharing the miracle of your life.

After 75 years thinking that his cousin and best friend had lost their lives they can meet again

On January 27, 1945, Soviet troops freed Europe from the reign of terror that the German regime established in its empire of barbarism.

After 75 years, two Jewish cousins persecuted for the ignominy of the Third Reich who believed they were dead, were finally able to meet in a touching hug that has broken the hearts of millions of followers on social networks, through a video posted by the family of the elderly.

Morris Sana and Simon Mairowitz were born in Romania

Our protagonists, Morris Sana and Simon Mairowitz , two Romanians who, in addition to cousins are great childhood friends, had to be separated by the Romanian government alliance to the Nazi cause, in 1940, motivating both families to leave the country. They would never see each other again.

The old comrades believed that the other had lost his life at the hands of those in charge of the concentration camps, so they had no hope of meeting again. But oh surprise! The miracle happened. The cousins were alive.

Next, relatives of Mairowitz managed to arrange the touching meeting and Simon traveled from the United Kingdom to Israel to meet his dear friend, who has been living in the city of Tel Aviv for several years.

In the video posted by Leetal Ofer , Sana’s granddaughter, the grandfather can be seen entering a hotel room and walking towards her cousin.

“I’m glad to see you. Seventy-five years waiting.
It’s a long time, but now we have each other, ”said Sana while Mairowitz, in a gesture of affection, holds with her hands the face of her friend she thought was dead.

Morris Sana, 87, is two years older than his cousin, to whom he said with sweetness that, despite the passage of time, he still remembers him as a little boy who ran along with him through the cobbled streets of his hometown.

For its part, the excited granddaughter and architect of the great reunion, wrote some heartfelt words that have been disseminated by several international media:

“This is one of the most moving things I’ve seen in my life and I would love to share it with you.
To make a long story short,
my grandfather could not find his cousin and best friend after the Holocaust and was sure he had been killed in the concentration camps.
I found it and we could arrange for the cousins to meet again. The war tore thousands of families apart. That is why bringing them together in Israel has been such a magical thing, ”the message reads.

In that reciprocal correspondence, the communion between the two cousins and friends deepened towards the most personal of each one, showing that the true friendship and complicity of a child resists any obstacle , even the passage of time, and is an expression of a sincere relationship , genuine and for a lifetime.

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A Starbucks customer reacts to defend a homeless man from employee treatment

We are all human beings facing some difficulty , so that a simple smile and polite treatment can mean a lot to someone who is in the middle of a difficult time .

However, this is something that a couple of Starbucks employees did not consider when a homeless man arrived at his premises .

The scene took place at an Essex Starbucks in England.

Sajid Kahhllon was in a Starbucks when he ran into a man who checked the garbage in a desperate attempt to get food.

It seemed that he had no home and that he needed some help; so Sajid approached him and offered to buy him something to eat . The man, extremely relieved, thanked him in a weak voice and prepared to sit at a table to enjoy his meal .

“I bought him a sandwich and a chocolate cake so he could eat quietly.”

However, this was not possible . The presence of the man was a nuisance to one of the employees. Seconds after the hungry lord began to enjoy his sandwich, one of the waiters came up there backed by a security guard .

Finally Starbucks made a statement to apologize for what happened.

He was told that the company’s policies simply prohibited someone like him from eating in the restaurant. Luckily, the good Samaritan who had helped him was still there and approached to defend him .

“What is the problem?
I paid $ 10 so he could eat . ”

The man was so confused that he hardly said a word . It seemed he just wanted to enjoy his food; but the Starbucks employee insisted again and again that he should leave there as soon as possible .

“That is probably the only meal of this poor man’s day and they didn’t let him eat in peace.”

El vídeo se dio a conocer a través de las redes sociales y usuarios de todo el mundo se manifestaron para decir que se sentían profundamente decepcionados por el indignantetrato que los empleados dieron al hombre. Después de todo, él no hizo más que permanecer callado mientras intentaba disfrutar de su comida.

¿Acaso no es humano?”.

Levantamos la voz en contra de este comportamiento tan injusto. Nunca sabemos cuándo podríamos ser nosotros mismos los que nos encontremos en medio de una situación tan difícil y en búsqueda de un poco de alimento.

¿Qué opinas de las medidas de los empleados? Comparte esta nota para apoyar la discusión sobre un tema tan importante como el respeto a los demás.

Tell how she woke up and found her lifeless 3-week-old baby with her husband

Sharing the bed with children is a controversial issue, especially depending on the age of the child. When it comes to babies, it can be a great danger. An experience of this was lived by a couple from the United Kingdom, and they still regret the consequences.

Tom Coomer and Ebony-Jade Pearson

Tom Coomer and Ebony-Jade Pearson had a girl whom they named Lydia-Louise Coomer .

One day, when the baby was three weeks old , the mother woke up surprised because she had not shown hunger as she used to do at that time.

It was when he realized that she was lying on the right side of the bed, next to her husband who was still sleeping, the girl’s head was pressed by the father’s back .

The mother feared the worst , approached and could realize that she was unconscious, the lightness of her body was indicative that she was not well.

“I pulled Lydia and she was blue and very pale.
I tried to wake Tom up, telling him I was crushing him , sent him for help and left Lydia in bed. I gave him two breaths and then the ambulance arrived, ”said the mother.

Little Lydia-Louise was transferred from the apartment where the couple located at Grace Crescent in Hanley lived, to the Royal Stoke University Hospital ; but it was too late, the girl was pronounced dead .

An investigation was initiated and presented to the North Staffordshire Forensic Court, detailing how the events occurred .

“On September 26, Lydia was put in her crib at 7:30 pm and woke up at 10:00 pm to eat and I went to bed at 11:00 pm and Tom stayed awake,” he said Ebony

The mother slept until 3:30 am when the girl’s cry woke her, but Tom took over and fed her .

The father after feeding her, decided to put her in bed in the middle of both , instead of returning her to her crib.

The last thing Tom remembers is that at 4:30 a.m. he received a notification on his cell phone, and after that he fell asleep deeply.

The police asked them questions and they answered all. Ebony told them that she did not consume liquor, that she and her husband sometimes use drugs, but never inside the apartment. He confessed that during pregnancy he smoked up to five cigarettes per day .

As for the exact cause of death, Tom believes that he could have moved during the night, and since he is large and robust, he might lie on the girl . They found no other explanation for what happened.

But the pathologist who was responsible for the autopsy, found no evidence that could prove that the cause of death was asphyxiation .

So, the expert had no choice but to declare the cause of death as undetermined .

Despite this, there will always be a suspicion that his death was due to the negligence of some parents , who did not avoid the danger of placing a newborn in his bed.

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